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It's common knowledge that the amount of energy we waste in our homes is directly linked to climate change. But did you know that the type of glass you use in your windows can help your home be more energy efficient?

Here at JJ Window Services we use Pilkington 'K' glass amongst other high quality glass manufacturers in all windows, doors and conservatories. Because of this we are able to offer glass options to suit all applications. From keeping the sun out in a south facing conservatory to high security glass, there are many varieties available.

- sound proofing
- solar control
- Thermal insulation
- fire protection
- safety and security
- self cleaning
- decoration
- glass systems
- special applications

lowe glass

Lowe E glass

The main advantage for Double Glazed units incorporating a Low-e coating is that this allows the suns natural heat (solar gain) to pass through the window panes, the Low-e coating reflects the heat gain back into the room making this a more energy efficient building. While this is all going on the homes / buildings still benefit from natural light. At JJ Windows Ltd we can offer high quality Low-e glass giving our customers quality and performance.

We manufacture all our sealed units onsite giving you greater choice when you need unusual sizes fast!

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lowe glass

Self cleaning glass

Recent innovations in glass technology have given us "Self Cleaning Glass" which has been heavily promoted as Pilkington "Activ" or Saint Gobain "Bioclean". These are predominantly used for conservatory roofs or any areas that can be hard to reach for cleaning purposes.

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lowe glass

Solar control

Today's increased use of glass in buildings makes it important that architects consider the comfort of a buildings occupants.

In hot countries the use of Solar Control glazing is used without Low-e to reduce the Solar Gain thus reducing the air conditioning costs, in the UK we use Solar Control coatings that as a rule incorporate Low-e in the coating, or if a Solar Control glass is chosen that does not have a Low-e within the coating then a Low-e glass is usually ordered for the other pane, this gives us the benefit of cooler buildings in the summer months, reducing our Air conditioning costs, and then in the winter months the Low-e coating reflects the heat back into the building, in-turn reducing heating costs.

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